Orange the Brave wants to see your text, videos, and images of people performing acts of resistance.

OtB has an open submission policy – anyone is invited to contribute.  The form below has been provided for your convenience, or you may send your text, images, or videos in the body of an email or as links, attachments, or GoogleDocs to otb.submit@gmail(dot)com.  Please be sure to indicate your copyright and attribution preferences.  OtB can provide video hosting through Vimeo, or image hosting through WordPress.

Because OtB is dedicated to accessibility, we require that all images be accompanied by an image description, and all videos be accompanied by a transcript.  If you are unable to provide descriptions and transcripts, we may create them for you.  Understand that publishing these items may take a bit longer.

All material should adhere to OtB’s anti-discrimination policy.  Please allow up to three business days for a response.  The editors of OtB may edit for grammar and spelling, but never for content.


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