Introducing the Orange the Brave Lexicon

The finishing touches have been applied to the Lexicon, so I feel ready to reveal it to y’all.

I hope it helps everyone following along. I welcome all feedback and critique. While doing the lexicon I realized how little social justice presence there is on Wikipedia. I mean, look at this definition of butch and femme:

Butch and femme are LGBT terms describing respectively, masculine and feminine traits, behavior, style, expression, self-perception and so on. They are often used in the lesbian, bisexual and gay subcultures. A similar term, en femme, is also frequently used in the crossdressing community.

Butch and femme are sometimes used to describe the identities of each person in a lesbian relationship in terms that are analogous to a heterosexual relationship, with butch representing the traditionally male role and femme the traditional female role. Not all lesbian couples can be described accurately in these terms.

So please go to Wikipedia and help with righting these travesties. If you don’t know how to use Wikipedia I’ll be happy to help. I’ll either handhold you through the process of how to create your own account and make changes, or I’ll be happy to edit and add things based on your instruction. Just use the contact form and get in touch with me. This is open to everyone. If you know someone wants to contribute to Wikipedia and doesn’t know how (being too lazy or busy is valid too), send them my way.


About Mx. B

My preferred pronouns are: they, their, them.
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