We have an anti-discrimination policy which encompasses all facets of human existence. If something problematic is found, please notify the blog authors. Though there is no official Comments Policy, they will be moderated and judged accordingly. Please keep your comments civil and respectful. If someone needs to be called out, please try to keep Jay Smooth’s advice (video below) in mind and if you are called out on a problematic comment by other commenters, Ampersand has some great tips. Tone arguments are largely invalid. Like most things, case-by-case basis is likely to reign.

(Via Universal Subtitles I have found a version of this video with subtitles. However, WordPress doesn’t let us .COM folks embed javascript. So y’all have to click on the link to see the video with captions. I apologize and I am working on figuring out a better method. A transcript of the video can be found on DreamWidth.)


We have guidelines in play that reflect the WAI standards. This means all images should have ALT attributes, links will not be set to open in a new tab/window, links which open anything other than a webpage should have an indicator, LONGDESC and TITLE attributes on images are used as needed, and we try to find captions/transcripts for video and audio posts.

We try to offer a variety of viewing formats in order to provide additional accessibility. There are RSS feeds found at the bottom of the page, and an email subscription format in the sidebar. In addition, the theme’s layout allows for enlargement if needed.

We welcome feedback on issues on accessibility and if there is anything we can do to make your viewing experience better, please let us know via the Contact form or by emailing orangethebrave at gmail dot com.

Known failures:

  • Navigation skip links: This is WordPress dependent and we’re working on a solution.
  • Videos and audio posts don’t always have captions/transcripts. We’re trying to improve the ratio as much as we can.
  • Submission form checkboxes aren’t keyboard accessible: This is a WordPress issue as well.

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