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Nancy Upton: The Next BIG Pain in American Apparel’s Sexist Ass

Have you been living under a rock, or something?  No?  Well, then you’ve surely heard about American Apparel vs. Nancy Upton.  On the off-chance that you haven’t, here’s a brief rundown of what happened: American Apparel, in “celebration” (?) of … Continue reading

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Introducing the Orange the Brave Lexicon

The finishing touches have been applied to the Lexicon, so I feel ready to reveal it to y’all. I hope it helps everyone following along. I welcome all feedback and critique. While doing the lexicon I realized how little social … Continue reading

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If You Need Accessibility, Just Ask

It was either s.e. smith on Twitter or Andrea on G+ that shared this link. I apologize I can’t remember which one. The writer of the post was told on GoodReads that if they needed certain websites to be accessible … Continue reading

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Cosmoqueer: The Femme Issue

Shannon Barber (aka Weebeasty on Twitter) is to thank for bringing an awesome new zine into my life. It is called Cosmoqueer. The first issue is entitled The Femme Issue and it rocks. With essays written by Stacey, s.e. smith, … Continue reading

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What is a Body Supposed to Look Like?

I just had an OMG moment when I was going through Google Reader.  I have OMG moments fairly often when I’m reading Sociological Images, but this article in particular really spoke to me, and this excerpt was especially enlightening: Think … Continue reading

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Being the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

I made an off-handed remark on my Tumblr one day about being the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, abbreviated as MPDG from here on out, is a popular TV trope where the societally classified woman … Continue reading

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Are You a Proud Cryer?

On xoJane, Lesley Kinzel writes about the loss of her cat and crying in public. While we won’t inquire about her well-being (lest we assist in sending her into another spell), I thought it was an excellent opportunity to come … Continue reading

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I made a female dwarf and insisted that she have a beard, which I am then sure to RP. The DM tries to use revolving gender pronouns when talking/interacting with my character. I play with my 2 teenage (19 and … Continue reading

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The Rape of Sookie Stackhouse (Redux)

Trigger warning for descriptions of fictional rape.  Spoiler warning… for spoilers. A few days ago, Eld and I had a Tumblr exchange about bad books we feel compelled to finish, even though they’re bad, which was precipitated by my stating that … Continue reading

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Accessibility and Service Dogs

I had the pleasure of finding Andrea from The Manor of Mixed Blessings and she gave me a much needed kick in the ass. You see folks, I’ve been posting videos without captions and/or transcripts. I did search for these … Continue reading

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