Cosmoqueer: The Femme Issue

Shannon Barber (aka Weebeasty on Twitter) is to thank for bringing an awesome new zine into my life. It is called Cosmoqueer. The first issue is entitled The Femme Issue and it rocks. With essays written by Stacey, s.e. smith, art pieces by Lea, Charlie (Yes, the same one who guest posted here!), and Ayumi Moor, a Femme playlist, and other amazing things it is a must-read.

Cosmoqueer is available from in pdf form (AFAI can tell it is accessible).

As luck would have it, the second issue is set to come out in November. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

The next cosmoqueer zine is gonna be about Disney. I would love for y’all to submit some stuff. Fanart would be great, as would anything about Disney really. A story about you and Disney, a critical perspective of a certain movie, anything.
Deadline’s the end of October, latest.
You can message me about it here, here or at

I can’t wait to see what comes next!


About Mx. B

My preferred pronouns are: they, their, them.
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