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The Rape of Sookie Stackhouse (Redux)

Trigger warning for descriptions of fictional rape.  Spoiler warning… for spoilers. A few days ago, Eld and I had a Tumblr exchange about bad books we feel compelled to finish, even though they’re bad, which was precipitated by my stating that … Continue reading

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Post-racism is Not Where We Are

Some of you have likely heard about Vance Gilbert and the racism he experienced while flying United Airlines (Vance wrote a post on his blog about it, and various news sites have picked it up, not to mention the speed … Continue reading

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How I Stopped Drinking and Learned to Love Consent

TRIGGER WARNING: Extensive discussion of rape/Mental illness/Alcohol dependence/Drug use/ED/Suicidal ideation It’s been several years (more than a few, less than many) since I was a problem drinker. I was 18 when it got really bad for me (and about 21 … Continue reading

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Not Talking For People

I know that rape happens to more than just women. It happens to men, genderqueers, intersex individuals and the full range of genders and sexes as well. It happens to those that don’t prescribe to a gender binary system. I … Continue reading

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Yet Again – Rape Jokes Are Not Funny, Hello Rape Culture!

Trigger warning for talk of rape culture and rape jokes. Penny Arcade’s rape “joke” comic debacle from 2010 still has fingerprints across geekdom. One acquaintance of mine even shared that some of their friends were asking if feminists have “gotten … Continue reading

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