Long Descriptions for Images

Image description of Jenna Berger’s “Fat Talk Free” week comic:

On the bathroom mirror there is a post-it note that reads (drawn image of post-it note) “you are beautiful inside and out :)”

… And outside some well-meaning (thin? white?) “feminists” have chalked on the sidewalk “NO FAT TALK.”

I gnash my teeth at myself in the mirror… if I am not being told I need to _be_ beautiful then I am being told I need to _feel_ beautiful…

If I am not thin then I must be silent.

(drawn image of a fat, white, person with long-ish unruly hair, glasses, thick eyebrows, wearing a dark t-shirt, slumped shoulders, acne, a little facial stubble looking at the drawn image of a thin, white, long haired person with breasts, full lips, pert nose and other socially accepted female gendered attributes)

There is a speech bubble over the fat person’s head that reads: But I am fat..

The thinner person’s speech bubble reads: No you’re not!

The fat person second’s speech bubble reads: Uhhh…

The thinner person’s second speech bubble reads: No fat talk!

Making “fat” a dirty word reproduces the shaming of fat people.

(There is a small heart with the initials JB and the date 10.19.2010 off to the right side)

Image description of Person at Slutwalk D.C. holding a sign with account of their rape:

A person of color with long wavy hair, wearing black sunglasses and a pink tanktop is holding a sign that reads:

My Rapist Doesn’t Know He’s a Rapist

You taught him it wasn’t his fault. I drank too much, flirted and my shorts. too short. I was asking for it. He left me in a parking garage staircase. My (ex)boyfriend spit in my face. He called me a slut, he called me a whore. I deserved it. My friends gave me dirty looks. They called me trash, not realizing, it could have been them. This culture, your culture, my culture, told them, told me, this was my fault. And I suffered. But, my rapist doesn’t know he’s a rapist.

I am not ashamed. I will take a stand. Slutwalk D.C. 2011


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