Wisdom from the Angry Black Woman

I’m late to the game on these, as is typical of me (there is so much great shit to shuffle through, y’all; I am going to die at the computer or behind a book, I swear); however, I thought these posts were must-shares.

The blog post How Prejudice and Bias Work by the angry black woman dispels the argument that racism doesn’t happen in capitalism because it would impede sales:

They can employ this subtle racism, wherein they cater to the privileged and ignore the not-privileged, and not suffer financially for it. People of color will still buy the products.
Why? There are lots of reasons. The main one being that many people of color just don’t notice. After all, our culture is a white one. It is centered around the most privileged in our society, the white male. It’s ingrained into us from childhood that whiteness is normal and maleness is better. So why should we question that there are no brown people on the TV? After all, we are inconsequential.

Those of us who do notice these things have little recourse. Because every time we dare to speak about it in public, there are plenty of people around to tell us that we’re being stupid, or oversensitive, or playing the race card, or seeing racism where it doesn’t exist. All of this from people who’ve most likely never had to consider if something is racist or not. They don’t see it, therefore, it doesn’t exist.

In the next paragraph she writes about the training white people undergo by the media and entertainment outlets which continues to feed into these concepts:

It seems like there aren’t too many network execs that worry about “shooting themselves in the foot” when it comes to green lighting a show with no people of color whatsoever. Sure, they want lots of viewers so they can sell advertising slots. But which demographic do advertisers care about? Males. White. 18 – 40 years old. If a show skews too female (and it’s not on Lifetime) or, god forbid, too black (if it’s not on the CW or BET), how long will it last?

Great stuff here, y’all. Go read it. It’s still relevant and important 4 years later.

Another post on Angry Black Woman is breaking down the accepted notion that anger is hate and thus has no place in “civilized” society:

I am angry, that much is certainly clear. The things I’m angry about or the people I’m angry at? I don’t hate them. I’m just frustrated and annoyed. I deal with my frustration by blogging, by trying to make people understand why I’m angry, by trying to fix things so they don’t make me angry, anymore. But that’s hard to do when people insist on telling me I feel a way I don’t.

So, to be as clear as I possibly can be: I don’t hate white people. I don’t hate men.

What I do hate? Racism. Sexism.

Don’t you?

Yes ma’am, I do, and I hope I can kick ass as well as you do one day.


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My preferred pronouns are: they, their, them.
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