We’re Watching Virgie Tovar’s Guide to Fat Girl Living

(No captions and no transcriptions available. We hope that someone will jump in and start captioning/transcripting these videos!)

I found this courtesy of Jessica Jarchow over at tangledupinlace on Tumblr. It has been one of the more adorable, amazing things I’ve seen for awhile. I love Virgie Tovar’s energy, style, and flare. She is super smart and in your face and makes a point to be clued-in to privilege and intersectionality. This isn’t a scripted, professionally manufactured video series. Oh no. This is Virgie, face-to-face, sharing her shit with us. It’s powerful in a lot of ways.

According to the NOLOSE 2011 presenter bios page:

Virgie Tovar is a fat semi-socialist fauxhemian smut-writing Latina high femme with an MA in Human Sexuality. She was voted “Best Sex Writer” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2008. Virgie doubles as Dulce de Lecherous, and is a member of GLITTERACTION! A Radical Queerlesque Cabaret.

You can check out her Facebook page and her blog at the National Sexuality Resource Center. In addition, you can find Virgie at Good Vibrations Magazine and, of course, on YouTube.


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