Southwest Airline Fucks it Up Once Again

(Transcript of video.)

I know I’ve been a little video heavy lately. I apologize to our readers who can’t access videos or have impairment problems.

I found this via a Facebook friend, though, and I thought it was important. Y’all may remember Kevin Smith’s run-in with Southwest last year. Smith has a platform, so the news spread far and wide. Individuals like AthiaC, however, tend to get lost in the shuffle. So please be sure to spread her story as well.

Southwest continues to embarrass, shame and humiliate its customers. It is an issue that enrages me because it is a classic example of being powerless and still having to support the corporation. Southwest caters to a lower socio-economic class by offering the lowest fares in the industry. Thus, those who are using Southwest out of necessity may have little option to stop using the airline if they don’t like the policy. Therefore, one either has to comply with an unjust policy, pay money they don’t have to fly another airline, or not fly. It’s bullshit and another systemic oppression that keeps “those” people from interacting with “these.”

AthiaC has several other YouTube videos on issues of oppression and discrimination and fighting just to live her life. I recommend them.


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3 Responses to Southwest Airline Fucks it Up Once Again

  1. Omg, this made me cry.

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