Laughter is the Best Medicine (aside from NyQuil, which is actually the best medicine)

Things have been pretty hot and heavy thus far on Orange the Brave.  We’ve talked about serious stuff like rape culture, privacy, and our newest blogger, heavyaura, has made her OtB debut with a really moving piece that I’m just in love with.

I was going to continue all of the doom and gloom today.  I was.  I’ve been reading about a lot of really messed up shit.  Shit like how a Missouri school made a girl write and hand deliver a note of apology to her rapist, who then raped her a second time a few months later.  I can’t even…

But as messed up as the world is, I feel that there are other ways to resist and make a difference.  Like humor, for instance.

We feminists (well, any activist, really) get a lot of shit for being “humorless” because we’re totally going to kill your buzz when we bitch at you about making rape jokes and stuff.  In fact, I was told by an exboyfriend’s buddy a couple of years ago that women – not just feminists, but all women – are not funny.  And I know he was an expert on such things because he’d spent some time in jail for breaking into a veterinary clinic (this logic makes sense!).

So imagine my surprise when about a year ago, I discovered that women can be funny!  And I found it on the internet, too!

The Rumpus (which is a blog I read because I am a book dork) has this amazing series called Funny Women, which showcases humorous writing by women, and allows me to be super redundant. As I was reading about the fucked up state of our rape culture in my feed reader this morning, I came across column #61: “My Imaginary Wet Hot American Summer,” which reminded me that being hilarious is a fantastic way of giving the finger to every petty criminal who told you that your vagina rendered you chronically unfunny.

Elissa Bassist was an awkward girl who never got to go to summer camp, so she wrote about her imaginary camp experience:

Shwayder Camp, Idaho Springs, 1997. This summer has been—without rival—the best summer of my life. Life, I am sure, will continue on this trajectory.

For one thing, I am really tan. For another, I’m super heterosexual.

I’m the most popular Jewish girl at Jewish sleep-away camp. The reasons I am popular can be broken down into simple math, which is good for me because I am a lady:

Number of cigarettes I’ve smoked this summer: 7!!!

Number of times I was told I looked hot in my two-piece swimsuit: about a million.

Number of boys who’ve loved me at camp: all.

Number of times I’ve Frenched: 0.

I’ve had a few boyfriends so far, but I haven’t gone to first base with any of them because my body is a temple like Temple Emmanuel.

It’s a fantastic series, and I suggest you start with column #1: “I Am Sorry That I Didn’t Write a Comedy Piece.”  Because there are many ways to resist.


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Supahfat, queerfabulous, feminist, writerly-type. Cat person. Loves dirty bass lines.
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