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When I browsing Tumblr or Twitter or any of the other dozens of sites I read on a daily basis I have a tendency to click on links and let them sit in the background. Then when I’m done with my preliminary reading, I go back through my tabs. (Why, yes, I do have approx. 20 tabs open at one time, why do you ask?) I haven’t had problems with this method before, and I am telling y’all this story now as a precursor for my apology. I found this great web series, and the Kickstarter behind it, from someone I follow somewhere. However, I cannot find which site (or which person) it was. Thus, I’m sorry for being an asshole and being unable to credit you. Please let me know if you’re that person and I will fix it.


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My preferred pronouns are: they, their, them.
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  1. Cannot stand how adorable you are. 🙂

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